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Cedar Falls
United Church of Christ
9204 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Blooming Flowers
What gives you hope?

Maundy Thursday
​We shared in a Christian Seder
Holy Week Activities and Easter

On Good Friday we held an ecumenical service called the "Procession of the Cross".

​Holy Week and Easter

The Easter Story reflects God's Love.

Easter is about bumping up against the edge of God and finding there is no edge of God.  Resurrection is about finding out that the impossible is possible.  Easter is about discovering the absurd goodness of God.  Resurrection is a joke played on a world that had forgotten how to laugh.  The good news of Easter is that the expected, obvious, reasonable, inevitable thing may not be what happens.  Tomorrow is not bound by yesterday.  God's power is not limited by our discouragement.  God enters into our life and says death no longer has the final word.


Welcome Anna

It is a tradition in this congregation to write a note to the newly baptised.  We provided cards for this event.  She will have them to encourage her to grow in faith.  We experience her as a gift from God.  We will live our lives showing her love as she grows up.  

God is good!  We FULLY RELY ON GOD (F.R.O.G.).

Cedar Falls UCC Clothes Closet (Kaden's Kloset)

Our room has been transformed.  We are helping already.

Setting up new ministry
Nine of us spent an hour moving items for our new closet from a Cedar Falls donation drop to our new Closet.  Thanks to everyone who helped.
We launched a new ministry:  The Cedar Falls UCC closet for Foster Care children and Youth. 
(Kaden's Kloset)
We are now open to receive donations for our closet.
We will be specializing in youth aging out of Foster Care. Items we need are sheets, pillows, beginning items for an apartment - like dishes, pans..., personal care items like shampoo, toothbrushes and other hygiene items ... small appliances like toasters, blenders, microwaves

Helper on painting day

Adding to our mural

Preparing for launch of Closet 
Cedar Falls UCC Foster Care Closet (Kaden's Kloset)
Inspiring quotes were part of the mural in our CFUCC Foster Care Closet.  Contributions are now being accepted!
October 1, 2016 is the launch date for our foster care closet for children and youth!  A wall was designated to be engaging and inviting.  Thanks to all those who made it happen.
Birthday Blessings
Anna is an 11 year old who wants to provide a birthday party for foster children.  She put together a shoe box size container with lots of goodies.  Birthday blessings are available.
Clothes of all sizes
We have clothes from pre-mature baby to adult sizes for those who are aging out of the foster care program.
Other items
Cedar Falls Clothes Closet for Foster Children (Kaden's Kloset)
We have aging out of foster care items for these young adults to get a start in life on their own such as towels, dishes, silverware....  We also have for the younger ones, little bicycles, baby swings, and many other items.
We hosted an open house.  We had a movie night door prize and some gift certificates that we gave away.  We invited foster families to come and get whatever they needed.  They had an opportunity to visit and share with another.  We want to invite foster families to come and get what they need regularly.  

No appointment needed on Wednesday afternoons 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. through May.  We are also looking to have one Saturday time where no appointment is needed.  Like our Facebook page for more information.

*Volunteers are welcomed.  
If you have a gift of hospitality, then you may want to be a greeter, or card writer, or usher or visit with people less mobile.
If you have a gift of service, then you may want to help with the community meal or food bank or gardening.
If you have the gift of teaching, you may want to lead a topical class or bible study or work with our children or youth.
If you have the gift of fellowship or are musically gifted, you may choose to host our after worship gathering, sing in the choir, or play special music for worship or during our fellowship time.
If you are technologically gifted, you may choose to help with our facebook page or even this web site.
We are open to the gifts of all!

Sharing our Vision at Pride Festival and at the UNI Rainbow table

The Cedar Falls UCC seeks to be a sanctuary for persons that need a safe place.

If you are searching for God and not sure
what you believe, you will be safe here.
Whether you are a student or a senior citizen,
you will be safe here.
If you are struggling with addictions
you will be safe here.
Whether you are married or living together, single, divorced, or widowed, you will be safe here.
If you bring your children,  they will be safe here.
Whether you are a couple, single parent, or grandparent you will be safe here.
If you are grieving, you will be safe here.
Whether you are democrat, republican, libertarian, or indiependent, you will be safe here.
If you are hurting, lonely, or scared,
you will be safe here.
Whether you are from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia or Antarctica; you will be safe here.
​If you are a sinner like us, you will be safe here.
Committed to Peace
We offer free peace camps.  During the summer and sometimes throughout the school year, we are offering peace camp.  Our focus is to give our participants and leaders an opportunity to grow as peace makers, peace builders!  We may find more inner peace.  We may be able to help resolve personal conflict between family and friends.
Peace camp is seeking to change the world one person at a time.  If you have a commitment to peace, then we would be interested in hearing how you might fit into this program.  Working together to bring peace to our world.
Cedar Falls UCC supports the Northeast area food bank and collects items to be distributed by them every week, but especially on communion Sundays.  We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month and sometimes with special worship services.  We currently are also collecting personal hygiene items to be distributed this fall.  Items most needed is:  toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, tissue and laundry items.  On the 5th Tuesday we join with other churches to help cook, serve, and clean up for the community meal.  This meal is held at the United Methodist Church downtown Cedar Falls.
  1. Food Banks
    We support the NE Iowa area food bank. We collect food items every Sunday to be distributed by this food bank.
  2. Volunteering
    We enjoy including persons of all ages in all areas of church life. Administratively, a person needs to be a member to be on Church Council, but not necessarily to participate in the life of the church.
  3. Financial Support
    Our church accepts the gifts of members and friends and appreciates the generosity of God and people to keep our ministry vital and growing. We are providing people with an opportunity to repair our pipe organ as well.
  4. Overseas
    Our missionaries: Jim and Jayanthi Wilson (Botswana) Mark Behle (Lesotho)
Celeste with children
Ministry happening everywhere.  These children who have lost their parents (mostly from AIDS) are being loved and cared for, and we share more love and prayer with them.
crops in Kenya

Mission Trip to Kenya
Our music director teamed up with Antioch Baptist church and went to Kenya to lead games and be in ministry with orphan children.

​Connecting body and spirit

Peace camp provided an opportunity for the children to experience meditation and yoga.
baking cookies
Peace Camp 2016

We held our first peace camp in July 2016.  With all the violence in the world we want to start teaching peace.  We are starting with our children in this community.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

July 2016
The congregation went to two Waterloo Ball games as a group.  We enjoyed our outing and the fireworks that followed the game.

Fall 2016

Gifted young people played special music for us and we enjoyed refreshments following worship.