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Cedar Falls
United Church of Christ
9204 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Our story is unfolding.  Currently we are open to God's Spirit bringing into our lives the people who can experience and give the love of God  through us in this community.  The first chapter of our life began in the 1800s.  Our church was organized in 1860 and has been serving God in the Cedar Falls downtown area and now on a site southwest of the University of Northern Iowa.  Our story has included one of many highs and a few lows.  We are open to grow in numbers of people, but also in our faith and love.  We are going to make a difference in this community showing God's love and acceptance of all people.
Our Beliefs
In the United Church of Christ and this congregation, we have a latitude of belief among us.  We stress the importance of each individual to be responsible for his or her own faith story.  We study the Christian Bible and seek its interpretation by the Spirit and teachings of Christ.  It is our guide in its wholeness.  We don't pick and choose passages to wield against others as if a weapon.  As we live our Christian life, we seek to love God with our whole self and our neighbors as ourselves.  We have seen this love in Christ Jesus and we continue to turn to Jesus' teachings as we seek illumination on the meaning of Christian love.  God continues to speak to us and we seek to listen.
F.R.O.G. - Fully Rely on God

Join us for worship and you will see a big stuffed FROG sitting somewhere in the church.  It is a reminder to fully rely on God in all aspects of life.  Our spiritual life is affected by our community, emotions, thoughts, and physical experiences.  How we rely on God or not is reflected in our daily life.  As a small yet vital church, we strive to make a difference in all people we encounter.  We do that best when we rely on God.  Prayer, sending cards, phoning, texting - being with each other are all ways we care for one another.  

Peace Camp 2018

Cooperation Theme

July 23rd - 27th we held another week long peace camp.  We learned new ways to cooperate with each other.  Through art, music, crafts, lessons and games, the participants and helpers worked together to have a meaningful Peace camp experience.

We gather around tables and discuss questions that help us go deeper in our faith.  We listen to the music shared and enjoy one another's presence.

People of all ages enjoy the time together.
"The Hands of Time"
Jazz Brunch 
Bob Dunn on guitar; Jonathan Schwabe, on bass; Dennis Johnson on drums; and Christopher Merz on saxophone
We appreciate the gifts and diversity of music.  At this event, we listen and experience God through Jazz music and share food and conversation in worship.
Jesus didn't reject people.  Neither do we.
Challenges in 2017 to be accepted any time:
1.  Do an act of kindness Daily
2.  Count 100 blessings a day for a whole month
Shared times in our homes

​One of God's good and faithful servants.  Our organist emeritus.
Cedar Falls United Church of Christ
at Pride Festivals in Waterloo

We recognize that all Christian churches do not agree with us that all people are welcomed wherever they are on life's journey and that God accepts us for who we are "children of God".  By our presence at Pride Festivals we are hoping to bring healing to those who have been rejected by other churches who believe differently than we do.

Pet Blessing​ in Courtyard

We Fully Rely On God in our worship, in our play, in our day to day life.  We seek to welcome all to our services.  
We are a people who come together to support each other in all of life's experiences:  spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually.  We reach across barriers and get to know people who are different from us.  We also are considerate of our neighbors and nice to each other.  

We seek to respect, understand, and learn from each other and from those beyond our comfort zone.  Conscious of our own levels of privilege, we seek -- with kindness and compasion -- to engage in open and active dialogue that broadens our perspectives, increases our knowledge and awareness, and fosters mutual understanding and empowerment.
We are committed, individually and as a community, to listening, speaking, and acting with candor, with equitability, and with courtesy, so that all may participate freely within a climate of openness, trust, and sensitivity.  We endeavor to build a community, and ultimately, a world, in which people can peacefully live and work together.

We strive to love and act on that love.  We strive to support one another in all endeavors that promotes the welfare of all.  We endeavor to accept responsibility for the impact of our actions on our community, our environment, and the world.  We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our behavior and our use of resources.
Enjoying each other

Thankful for our blessings

Bike Blessing and Ride
Sharing Meal after backpack blessing

We blessed our bikes in September and enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

Christmas time
Families gather by our tree for photos.  We have a tradition on Christmas Eve of worshiping together at 7 p.m.

We enjoy celebrating Jesus' birthday with family, carols, and scripture.

Halloween time
There is room in our inn and hearts.  
We invite all those who attend worship to have fun at Halloween time and where a costume to worship.  The children are freer in their expression and participation in this new tradition.  We enjoy the laughter and fun that sharing these events can bring.
Halloween Party 2018
October 27, 2018
7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
This party is for LGBTQ high school and college age persons and allies. 
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Fun Activities
Costume Contests

Halloween Parties 2018
Happy Halloween
October 26, 2018 - 6:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Halloween Party for children under 7     7:15 p.m. - 9:00         Halloween Party for children 9 - 14 years old.